Happy Memories

Some of the commissions that I receive involve a pet that is missed, and this is a chance to make a happy memory of that pet.  When my aunt asked me to design her a mug to remember the dogs that she had, I wanted to make it special.  I knew that every morning, she would get to see her black lab and golden retriever smiling back at her, along with her adorable pet cat.

Every summer my aunt and all of her kids and grandkids take a vacation up to the mountains.   A place full of wonderful, happy memories, it was the perfect landscape to bring all of her furry family together in one happy moment.


I knew that her grandkids would often go down to that spot on the lake to feed the ducks.  I was given a few photographs of her cat and one of her dogs, and the last I went by her description.  I tried my best to capture the unbounded joy of play into the design, to put her “furrkids” into the same wonderful memories up in the mountains.

Eileen4 _MG_1043

Her beautiful golden retriever and his big smile.

Eileen2    Eileen5   


The mischievous cat.

Eileen3 Eileen6

Her wonderful black lab.  She didn’t have pictures of him for me, I knew he was broad shouldered and all black – and fiercely loyal.



The final touch to Lumpy Doodles mugs is a beautiful marbleized inside for an added splash of color!



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