Boomerang the Australian Shepherd and gang

I had a request for a mug that celebrated a beloved Australian Shepherd named Boomerang, along with two more dogs, four cats, a chinchilla, cockatiel, as well as rats, gerbils and hamsters.  Here is a mere sampling of the group!



I tried to think of a design that wouldn’t hide any of the client’s pets on the travel mug she selected, yet could still have the rubber sleeve on the mug.  Everything covered by the sleeve is scenery, but I think it works great either way!

Complete Mug    Boomerang

Finding a place for every pet was both fun and challenging – and putting them all together meant the recipient could have her morning coffee and enjoy a colorful, playful scene grouping all of the family’s beloved pets together.

IMG_0305    IMG_0798

Whether the sleeve is on or off the mug, all of her pets are visible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Shiloh   IMG_0306   IMG_0316   IMG_0309

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