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Create the perfect gift by commissioning something special.  I specialize in pet portraiture, a stylized cartoon style and more photo-realistic from photographs.  I also do non-pet related commissions, more traditional pieces with special messages, dates, or names commemorating an event or anniversary.  Each design is unique and kiln-fired, creating a permanent food-safe piece, microwave and dishwasher safe piece.

Please contact me if you would like to request a custom design for yourself or as a gift.  The more details I have, the more personal the design can be. For pet portraiture, I like to have as many pictures of the pets as possible.  Part of capturing the pet is being able to see all the spots and stripes, and part of it is seeing the character that shines through the photograph.

I have a variety of mugs, platters, bowls, tiles and other items.  You can see examples of my work here and on Lumpy Doodles Facebook Page.

**Prices may vary based on level of detail and work**

Four Inch Little Plates:

  • Cartoon portrait: $12
  • Realistic portrait: $20

Four Inch Lidded Ceramic Box, portrait on lid:

  • Cartoon portrait: $20
  • Realistic portrait: $30

Spoonrest (round or ladle shaped)

  • Cartoon portrait: $19
  • Realistic portrait: $28

6” square tile: (with optional wood frame)

  • Cartoon portrait: $15
  • Realistic portrait: $28

Mug: Various sizes/shapes

  • Cartoon portrait: Single side: $20 Double side: $25
  • Realistic portrait: Single Side: $28 Double side: $35

Larger Platters:

  • Starting at $40, based on platter size and level of detail.

Price difference is based upon the amount of time to make sure the portraiture is an accurate portrayal of your pet. This is not an exhaustive list, if you have a different idea or piece of ceramic you think would look great with your pet on it, let me know and we can discuss prices!

Thanks for your interest!


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