NOVA Rottweiler Rescue Mug

novaI was commissioned to do a mug for the Northern Virginia Rottweiler Rescue organization, NOVA.  This was a great project to work on because it’s an incredible organization that does such good work.  I know that Rottweilers are excellent family dogs, having grown up in a house with a few.  They are wonderful dogs – goofy, lovable, and of course very comfortable watching over their family.

I wanted to work on a design which focused on the word “rescue,” but maintained a fun, positive feel.  I know the Rotties that I grew up with loved the mountains, investigating trails, running through the forest.  For this mug, I wanted to show them having fun, frolicking, boating, camping, roasting marshmallows… all under the watchful caring eye of NOVA!

NovaDetails-5   NovaMug   NovaDetails-6

NovaDetails-2 NovaDetails-3  NovaDetails-4

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