How Lumpy Doodles Began

Logo2Lumpy Doodles began as exactly that – doodles of Lumpy, the stray cat.  Lumpy was a stray in our neighborhood that we began to feed on our porch.  He had an awkward gait, adorably flopped ears, a soulful meow, and a face that you just couldn’t ignore.

aIMG_5880    aIMG_4842

He would show up on our porch like a little gentleman.  He’d meow softly until someone came out to feed him.  In the beginning there was some skittering off into the bushes with a hiss, but then he’d cry from there about being hungry.


Eventually he took to our hospitality, staying in a little dog house we got for the winter (and yes, with an extension cord, it was heated in the winter…  We are suckers).  He started to let us pet him and before we knew it, we had this little battle worn love bug that liked to hang out at our house.

aIMG_5887   aIMG_8296

One day after my husband and I had fed Lumpy breakfast, as we watched him amble away my husband said “I wonder where he goes all day?” Seeing that he was walking toward a horse farm that abuts our neighborhood, I said “Obviously to wrangle horses all day.”  The first Lumpy Doodle was born.

aIMG_9481   aIMG_9490  

The idea spawned the original Lumpy Doodles Platter.

aDSC_1613Lumpy, the hero, first tames a wild horse…

aDSC_1615…then breaks it…

aDSC_1616…befriends it…

aUntitled-1…and then uses it to rope our poor three legged pug Huckleberry.   Huckleberry (Photo credit of Huckleberry to my sister, Karen Hickey)

The finished platter portrays Lumpy as the awesome kitty he most certainly was, celebrated by a center of Cats in Party Hats!

aDSC_1611   aDSC_1614

From there, Lumpy Doodles expanded beyond whimsical takes on traditional designs, including purely traditionally inspired pieces as well.  Lumpy Doodles also creates custom pieces with unique designs, and can include your own favorite pets captured in spectacular, silly, fun, and adventurous scenes!


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